Core Solutions for dental professionals

Dental Core Pty Ltd was started with a belief that there was a need for supplying global markets with quality assured yet affordable dental items. We have distributors & business partners over 20 countries around the globe and continues to expand its market day by day.
Proactive in forseeing the changes happening in the world of dentistry and with a hardworking, dedicated team of staff behind them, we continue to position the company ready to fulfill market demands and lead the way in providing the dental professionals with core solutions that represent the very best of their kind.

Innovators in search of core solutions for dental professionals

Dentistry is undergoing quick and continuous development. New digital devices for diagnostics and treatment have become a decisive factor in the success of every practice. They open up new sources of revenue and are an important factor in differentiating one practice from another. And this is where dentalcore would like to surprise you again and again with new high-quality products.

We want to inspire you with quality and service.

Our aim is to provide the discerning buyer with a range that will not compromise in any way the quality that you deserve and to be more than simply competitive in today’s market place. Our products meet current legislation demands and are CE,TGA marked to the required standard. Our products come with a no quibble money back guarantee, if you are not satisfied with the standard of quality a full refund will be offered. And if you have any questions we promise you will have the answer within 12 hours.


Roshan Mani
Regional Manager
Martin Tobias
Regional Manager
Jacky Lin
Regional Manager


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